Brave browser issues

Brave browser on PureOS L14, for some reason, moving or reorganizing bookmarks no longer works, by grabbing and dragging as well as in bookmark manager, and if you try to rearrange tabs it opens another window with the tab you grab and won’t let you put it back.

I assume this is a Brave issue with a recent update, but wanted to check if others on PureOS are experiencing the same issue or is it just me? And yes, all software updates have been done and just checked again.

I haven’t received my device yet (shipping this month hopefully), so I wouldn’t know yet. 1.34.80 on Windows doesn’t have that problem for me though…

It’s irritating, though not unusable. I may move my bookmarks to LibreWolf and try that as well. Although I don’t believe LibreWolf allows saved passwords, which for most sites is fine, I can copy paste frim BitWarden.