Briar - tor serverless IM

i found this and i think is an awesome idea, should be nice to have an encrypted p2p IM on the librem5
any chance for purism to get in touch with this project?

It runs on android only?

I just see this experiment:

also is another interesting option. It runs on linux, mac, win, android

There’s lots of them actually. Just go to and go to the Instant Messaging and VOiP sections.

I find the main issue is that they pop-up and disappear all the time and the ones that have actually come along in development tend to be very finnicky about functionality. At least on Windows, I dunno if they might be better on Linux yet. Voice calling didn’t even function for me on Ring and video calling was broken for me on Ricochet.

The TL;DR is that their development is spotty and their functionality is equally spotty. Plus you can hardly expect all your friends to join them anyway…

Also sometimes my friend wasn’t getting my messages, and you can’t leave offline messages which sucks.

i’ve tried ring and when i’ve tryed to call, an unknown man answered to me lol

what is working good is linphone for calling and for text to, but i do not understand if text message are encrypted or not, and i don’t even understood if text message are on server and when you connect to it and receive the message it will be downloaded from the server to client, so the whole conversation is not on server

i hope someone here could help me with this questions, i found nothing on internet about it

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I will say that Wire is the one I had the best time with:

But it’s not without it’s glitches and issues too. Plus I could only get one friend to join it.

My current solution has been to just shut-up and use Discord. It’s closed-source and that bugs me but everyone has it and it’s still a hell of a lot better than Skype/Microsoft.

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Good: it doesn’t use/need your number phone.
Bad: Doesn’t have linux application yet

Threema was audited, as far as I can remember - but audited or not: it’s closed source.

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