Broken hinge/display

The hinge of the display is broken, and the display is not working anymore! I already send mails to, but got no answer regarding repair options for quite a while.

Is there any possibility to use an external screen. The login screen is displayed on the laptop display. Any chance to get around that?

Another question, is there any how to, if I like to use the encrypted hard drive with another system?


Very sad purism user :frowning:

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Did you try disconnecting the screen of the laptop from the motherboard?

My suspision is that you get the login prompt on the dead screen because the computer still detects the screen somehow and defaults to it.

If the hinge broke, and the user continued to open and close the hinge, is more than likely that the display connector is either damage or loose/off.

I would check the connector as suggested.

If you start the laptop with an external monitor plugged in and then close the laptop, the login screen should show up on the external monitor.

Hello @ffelgenh I have just replied to the email you sent us. Addressing the display issue there.

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