Brother MFC-7360N

I tried adding a multifunction laser/printer. The printer and mini are connected to the Spectrum router. I found no suitable driver available with the OS… what should do? I know I need to go FOSS, Can Purism provide me with a driver?

I know a lot of these Brother printers have a CUPS driverless option, although I’ve never had much luck with it and had to break down and use the proprietary driver. At least it lets them know there are Linux users using their products.

I don’t use PureOS so I’m not familiar with the available packages, but have you tried the CUPS driverless option if that’s possible?

The Brother web site does list a Debian Linux driver; one for the printer and one for the scanner. I think it would be a simple matter for the support staff from PureOS to extract the drivers and provide them in their PureOS list of drivers for the the Brother MFC-7360N. I will give them a chance to respond as I emailed them this weekend regarding this matter. Cups may work… but as you have said, you encountered difficulty in your desire to make a Brother printer work.

To use proprietary software is counter to the objective of PureOS… on many levels.