Browser fingerprint protection

Is there going to be some sort of protection from browser fingerprinting in the librem5’s default browser. I started thinking about it and realized that we are going to have a very unique browser and hardware set. And while we think we are increasing our privacy we may actually be decreasing our privacy in certain ways.

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At this point, I would say that features like this are only likely to be included if there is already support for it in the upstream browser - or if someone steps forward to implement it. :smile:

That is something that can be addressed via software update after release.

Firefox already has the setting “privacy.resistFingerprinting” but what exactly that controls I don’t know.

As the original comment says, by its very nature, the librem 5 will be a bit niche and hence to some extent self-fingerprinting. So it is something that ought to be looked at.

Straight off the bat, if the screen resolution is 720x1440 (allegedly) then that is unusual (doesn’t match any iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, google Pixel that I am aware of) and that is not something that you would want your browser to provide false information about.

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