Browser volume very low on Librem 13

I’ve been using my Librem 13 for a week now and I’ve noticed that both PureBrowser and Firefox volume are very low when playing YouTube or Netflix videos. There are videos that it’s simply impossible to understand what is being said without earphones (and even then, I can barely hear). I decided to boot up my girlfriend’s laptop (Windows) and see how the volume was on her Firefox for the same video, and here are the results:

Volume of both systems are at 100%. Alsamixer also shows master at 100%. Is this normal? Am I really just obliged to use earphones if I want to watch / listen to a video on a browser?

As far as I can tell the volume is completely normal while listening to songs on Rhythmbox or watching videos using the default video player. This is happening only with PureBrowser and Firefox (I really don’t want to use Chrome). I’m using the latest version of Firefox in both systems.

The video in question is this one if you want to try:

perhaps related? Let me know if it helps

i have installed Debian and i’m having the same issue respectively volume is very low in general and barely anything can be heared if there is some background noise.

Are the speakers really that weak? is it a hardware/driver issue?

PS: The “volume fix” didn’t improve anything here.

In a quiet environment I find the volume to be sufficient. But yes, all sliders at 100% :wink:

What I really was wondering: I’m i the only person having distorted audio on Twitter videos in PureBrowser? I don’t understand one word in them. Random example:
It’s like in those alien B-movies…

I don’t use PureBrowser but with FF60/Debian this works fine.

I wonder if there’s a way to boost volume without sacrificing quality (over amplification from tweaks is not the solution). For Mac there is which does that pretty well.
The currently achievable volume level is too low for me and 2-3 times less than what can be achieved with a Macbook Pro.

Thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately this didn’t fix the problem.

I’m unsure if this is a hardware issue, since volumes in Rhythmbox and other native applications is alright. I even turn them down to 70% and they’re sufficient in a normal (office) environment.

Ok. Here my iPhone speaker is clearly louder than my librem when playing music that’s why I’m not sure if that is really how it should be…

In Apple’s defense their iPhone speaker is pretty good. :slight_smile:
By the way, I said that at 70% volume they’re “sufficient”, but 70% is quite high, I was expecting “normal” volume to be around 40-55%.