Browsers in librem5

reading some topic and review on purebrowser it seems to me is not update like it should and some site are unreachable like youtube
while with a laptop someone could easy switch to another OS i don’t think will be userfriendly do it with the phone, so could we have the option to install firefox or firefox-esr on the phone?

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I would like that ability to run Firefox… At times.

But from what I gather we will need to install a different OS to make that possible?

Which makes me wonder whether we can set the Librem5 up as a dual boot machine with PureOS and another flavor of Linux…?

From what I gathered, the Librem 5’s base OS will be little different to ordinary desktop Linux in terms of functionality - this includes having things like gcc and make. There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from grabbing the Firefox sources and building a fully working copy of whatever version of FF you like on the phone itself.

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