BT/Wifi killswitch stopped working after update

After a kernel update if I turn off the BT/Wifi switch the UI keeps showing the Wifi/Bluetooth symbols but they don’t function since the hardware is off. I booted Mobian off of an SD card and the issue doesn’t happen there.

Let me Dust Off my Librem 5 late today and will Upgrading the Core to see what is going on.

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Upgraded the Gnu Core to 6.5 from 6.4 and everything work good here regarding: Wifi/Bluetooth symbols Malfunction.

Purism Community

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I will say I come across a bug where the WiFi & BT icons do not go away when the HKS is engaged. It happens when a BT device was recently connected to the phone.

If I haven’t connected to any BT devices for over an hour or so the icons clear out as expected.

Another way to have it function corecrlt is to put the phone in suspend. Once it wakes back up the icons will clear, showing the true status.