Bueller, Bueller -- Anyone there?

I’ve sent several emails to support@puri.sm over the last month (following the instructions in “How to properly send emails to Purism”), and I’ve received no response. Stuck with a non-functional laptop and no way to get in touch with this company, I’m thinking of asking my credit card company to do a charge-back.

Before I do that, this is my last-ditch attempt to get some response.

Ia anyone from Purism support out there? How do I get in contact with you?

@mladen is with Purism support, and occasionally checks these forums.

There’s also #purism on irc.freenode.net where support occassionallly lurks. If you’re new to IRC, use https://webchat.freenode.net/ (enter #purism in the channel field)

FYI, I’m a customer and have a few (very positive) interactions with Purism support. I believe your experience is an exception and hope your issue is sorted out.

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@jmattson There is no a single email in my inbox from your email address. Are you sure you sent to support@puri.sm ?

Ack! My bad. I sent the original email to support@puri.ism by mistake, and from then on, I just let auto-complete reproduce my error over and over. Strange that I never got a bounce. Mail has been resent to the correct address.

There is no email from your address yet.