Bug after Files update -> cannot drop icons anymore

I updated Nautilus few minutes ago. After drag & drop sometimes it creates a dragged icon that will never be dropped again. Also blue rectangle markers can be dragged. It moves in front of every other UI element (including other apps and even in front of Squeekboard). Sometimes I swipe fingers over screen, it moves, sometimes it does not. Closing Nautilus is the only way to remove it from screen.

Don’t update to this patch who ever has not right now. Hopefully it get fixed soon.

Searching for files can also crash Nautilus. I don’t know what they did, but it was not good.

Is there any common way to install an older version that wont get updated until next version will be pushed?

I’m using Nemo 4.8.6 and I’m very pleased with it. I uninstalled Nautilus a long time ago.

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I tried Nemo and Dolphin, but was not happy with both.

OK, then my suggestion was not very helpful. :smirk:

I believe so, approximately. Speaking totally off the top of my head:

  • uninstall it
  • install the specific version that you want
  • then use the apt ‘pin’ functionality to keep that version

That won’t get updated at all though. Maybe an apt guru can even do better (whereas, based on what I am suggesting, you would have to keep an eye out for a later update and then remove the pin once a later update is available). Maybe you could write a cron job to check the package version and just notify you when it changes (and you could then eyeball the changelog).

There are of course no guarantees that the later update works where the current version does not. That is, there may be updates that are unrelated to the problem that you are experiencing, and do not fix that problem.

Later I will give a look into it, thanks.

I know right. I’m a bit familiar with such things. I just didn’t know how to handle versioning on Linux since everything can be done via commands.