Bug in password Librem5?

given that the password in librem5 is 123456

if I change the password of the user “Purism” (with the passwd command) and I use a password greater than 6 numbers and restart the system when entering the code I can no longer log in. Is there anything I don’t understand?


That’s how things stand at the moment. The limitation is with the lock screen, as I understand it. See this issue for a discussion.

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I must be missing something. If I change my user password to something more complex than a PIN the numeric keypad is a bit of a dead end

Just read what is in David’s link just above you.

Guido Gunther @guido.gunther · 1 year ago

fixed in 0.1.7

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Thanks, yes I did read that. And the discussion transcript - wiki.gnome.org/Design/OS/ScreenLock/PinAuthentication

If you set an encryption passphrase you get a prompt at boot in which you can input not only numbers but also regular keyboard characters. After that you are asked the numeric pin.