Bug on dino mobile

There’s this bug on dino mobile, that if you click by mistake on openpgp encryption instead of omemo you can’t change afterwards, because this menu to choose encryption is “under the screen”. Any ideas of how to solve this without removing the account and re-setting it?

can you connect to external display
does landscape mode help?

What is needed to connect to external display? In landscape mode the bug persists

This is reported here Allow small dialogues that opens to bottom to show in the screen (#303) · Issues · World / Phosh / phoc · GitLab It works for me now in mobian trixie.

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hmm so the new version of phoc seems to fix it. I see I have version 0.29.0 and latest is 0.33.

external display works with USB C

Does it work with a laptop? I don’t have a USB C to HDMI cable…must get one then.

oh laptops don’t expect video input (can only do video output)
And if you don’t have extra monitor then USB C to HDMI is unnecessary, in that this issue may need to be solved differently.

As far as I know HDMI does not work in general (USB-C to display port would be needed).

Otherwise with an USB-keyboard or custom Squeekboard layout I may know a solution (I don’t use Dino, so I can’t test). Super+Tab may could solve this (short cut to switch windows).

This is a slightly confusing sentence.

It is true that the Librem 5 uses the DisplayPort altmode of USB-C (not the HDMI altmode of USB-C). However almost all random equipment that I have seen that one might use with the Librem 5 is quite happy to convert the DisplayPort (internally) to HDMI.

That includes:

  • a standalone USB-C to HDMI adapter
  • a USB-C dock that has an HDMI port.

And that has generally worked for me when connecting a monitor that has an HDMI port, using an HDMI cable, to the HDMI port provided by the above-mentioned adapter or dock.

Okay that was no confusing sentence - I was not aware of this (often just read L5 does not support HDMI and so I thought …). So I don’t need an expensive USB-C dock if I also could buy a cheaper one with HDMI?

Sorry for that offtopic, but how I could find out what dock supports that internal convert from DisplayPort to HDMI? That was one of the reasons I did not buy any yet.

To connect my Librem 5 to a large display mouse and a keyboard (with usb ) I use a ’ Bonelk 7 port dock with USBC power connection’ that I plug the Librem charger into the dock.

Solve the off the screen issue. I used this to config an AU Optus Sim card for the phone.
Optus web site did not have a small display capability.

ps I used a HDMI to vga adapter toconnect the display, that had only vga

The phone is connected to the USBC cable you see in the picture.

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I ended uo using this dongle I had: PINEPHONE Pro USB-C Docking Bar - PINE STORE
Problem solved now. Thank you all for the help.