(Bugreport) Unable to install alongside MacOS on MacBookAir6,2

This week I have been playing with pureos-8.0-gnome-live_20180904-amd64.hybrid.iso to see if I can switch to it as my primary OS (currently OpenSUSE is my primary one). Overall it looks and works surprisingly good: minimalistic, neat, no bullshit, just works and does what it is told. I could even install it on my MacBookAir6,2 without having to do any tambourine dance. However, there is a show stopper: installing it alongside MacOS does not work. If I select to install Boot Loader into the MBR, it understandably rants as the disk is GPT. But selecting to install the bootloader into the System Partition (/) doesn’t work either (which this post is mainly about):

Maybe you guys should see how OpenSUSE Leap does it?

Other than that, I noted that KVM Boxes have hard time coming back after the host suspend: I have to reboot the host (sometimes twice) to start them again. Also, the “Log in automatically” checkbox doesn’t do anything.

So I am going to stay with OpenSUSE for now, but will be keeping an eye if/when you guys fix these issues!