Building Linux from scratch in my Librem 13

As a hobby project, I’d like to rebuild my (admittedly rarely-used) Librem 13 with a “from scratch” Linux distro, mostly to improve my understanding of Linux.

There are projects like this, for example:

Are there any particular pitfalls to watch out for when doing this with the Librem? What’s the best way to get started with such a project? I don’t want to just wipe the thing and get lost, of course. :slight_smile:

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backup, always backup or use a different hard drive for experiments :blush:

It is a very very good project.
To tackle that without any fear of crashing it all I would first learn how to completely install a fresh PureOS on my Librem.
You’ll know then that whatever happen during you experimentation you will always be good at reverting to a clean state.
It is always a good skill to have anyway.
PureOS installation is documented on
After that experimenting with LFS will be even more rewarding considering that OS installation from a validated release is level 1 and LFS is level 2 to …

Since it wasn’t mentioned in the text of your post, perhaps you aren’t aware that Linux From Scratch is a real project.

You could always set up a virtual machine to try things in, and if your mess things up in the virtual machine, it’s no big deal, you can just revert to a previous state or wipe it and start over, without any risk to your actual OS.

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That’s a good idea—I think I will start with:

  1. Make sure I know how to back up my system and restore it
  2. Figure out how to perform a clean PureOS install
  3. Then consider buildyourownlinux or linuxfromscratch

We’ll see when I get around to toying with this. :slight_smile:

Yup—LinuxFromScratch was actually the first thing I came across, but I forgot the name, and came across BYOL when I made the original post. Doing my first tries at building a Linux in a VM is definitely a good idea. Thanks!