Building signal

Hi when i try to build signal on my librem5 with i get
''the application org.signal.Signal/aarch64/master requires the runtime org.freedesktop.platform/aarch64/22.08

Sorry complete noob here. What i need to do for make it work?

Also, i managed to install Flare (signal 3rd party) and it was working fine yesterday and now i can’t send messages anymore i get: ''sending a message failed
option (recaptcha

Any idea what this is? basically i just want signal to work to use this as my daily driver so a solution on either would be fine by me thanks!

I think you need to also add Flathub as a source for the additional runtime.

You can follow step 3 on this page to do so:

Thanks I already tried doing that step without success. I should also add that on the Flare app i can still receive message from people

Can you paste the output of the command flatpak remotes to make sure flathub and elagost repository are assigned to the same setup

I’m sorry I’m not sure I understand what you are asking?

Sure, let me explain further.

  1. Open the terminal app
  2. Input command flatpak remotes
  3. Copy and paste the output of the command in a reply

flathub system
pureos-store system
signal-arm user

Yep, the issue is you added elagost’s signal-arm repository under a user only setup while flathub is setup for system wide use.

to fix that do this:

sudo flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists signal-arm

Then do flatpak install signal-arm org.signal.Signal

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Thanks you for helping a complete noob!

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We were all noobs once, so feel free to ask the community any questions!

And honestly, I made that mistake a couple of weeks ago when I was messing with my flatpak setup :sweat_smile: