Buildozer for Librem 5? / Development tools wishlist?

Could someone from purism please invite the good people over at Kivy to make a version of buildozer for the Librem 5 when you get the specs finalized (or now if you know enough already)?

Firstly, it would be a great way for both projects to harness momentum. Secondly, I think collaboration (which shouldn’t be too much effort) will result in a more Freedom focused version of buildozer that doesn’t require tweaking. Finally, as a non-coder who makes stuff just to GPL it, buildozer is a godsend for making APK versions now but I’d really like to use it to make stuff for the Librem 5 (Ha ha! Yeah, from me you’re gonna get sad apps that make pee sounds for those with bladder shyness and numerology progggys but I’m sure others will make more useful things :)).

Maybe others have some development tools they’d like to see tailored to the Librem 5 too?