Business /Use case for a Security Professional

Setting the scene:

Small SaaS development company, where I play the role of the “Security Guy”.

Developers /DevOps have standardized on Linux for the production platform, and use Apple laptops as their development hardware. And then they gave one to me for my use in dealing with InfoSec…

Of all the OS’s out there, I find MacOS to be the least “friendly” for anything relating to non “I’m a Graphics (Film, Printing, etc.) Pro” use. As a result, I’m trying to find a good alternative that matches the dev /business environment.

Now the ask (and yes, I searched, but found partial answers for the v3, but not the v4):

With the Librum 15 v4, can anyone advise on:

1 - Does the hardware platform support external “docking” stations, USB or otherwise?
1a - What brand /vendor /model USB “docking” station should I acquire to enable single-cable to keyboard, mouse, USB-C physical ports, charging, etc.? E.g. that folks have had the “best luck” getting to work smoothly.
2 - Does it support 4K@60Hz across multiple monitors (at least two), with or without the docking station?
2a - if 4K@60Hz isn’t “native”, is there a particular (recommended) docking station that will work when connected via USB 3?
3 - Does it have enough “guts” to run at least two VirtualBox images at a time (providing I spec max RAM and sufficient disk)?

Company is open to acquiring “A laptop for the Security Guy”, but I want to make sure that I’m as compatible as possible with peripherals so that I don’t end up burning up the good will by building some unsupportable custom hardware solution.