Buy evergreen with no modem and wifi card reuse chestnut


So silly question here.

I already have a Librem5 Chestnut version.

Can I buy a new Librem5 Evergreen with no modem and wifi card, and simply move them over from my chestnut phone once I get the newer Librem5?

That’s four questions. :wink:

You can but you will be in a long queue. :frowning:

That isn’t offered today. It makes sense to offer it. Maybe it can be done by including special instructions with the order.

Are you expecting to get a discount on account of not ordering a modem? Otherwise why not order with a modem and have a spare? Purism is asking US$49 for a spare modem.

What are you doing with the Chestnut? If someone is getting it as a hand-me-down, the phone still needs a modem. You never know when you might want to press a spare phone into service and not having a modem will be a problem. It’s not as if you can duck down to your nearest tech store and get a compatible modem.

That isn’t offered today. In some niche cases it may make sense to offer it.

I’m not aware of any hardware incompatibilities but you would want to check carefully what hardware changes were made between Chestnut and Evergreen. I would assume that it can be moved over but that is itself a question.

You need to direct your questions to Purism:

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Yea thanks for pointing out the modem price in the shop I just saw it :).

I guess the idea is to produce less garbage on earth ;).

If I can re-use some parts that I already have, it could be interesting option.

I will send an email to support, just to know if it’s something that they are willing to provide eventually.