Buy phone and get modem seperately

The situation for buying this computer is only getting worse. A year lead time is understandable but unacceptable. My charge back time with my bank doesn’t even extend that long so I’m looking into buying from an independent seller. I know it is possible to switch the modem but can I buy or just get the specific modem I want from purism for it? How long would the delivery time be for Germany or UK? Do you guys recommend me to make any checks on the device for security?

You can certainly buy the modem from Purism:

The BM818-E1 is compatible with European frequencies, the -A1 covers North America, and the -T1 does Down Under and Asia (I think).

None of the available modems has global coverage at the moment, sorry to say, but it’s apparently simple to swap them out…if you’re very, very careful and don’t do it too many times.

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M.2 connector is rated for 60 cycles minimum, in reality you should be good for many times that if you do it correctly.

Regarding security checks- full firmware and software re-flash is possible as well as comparing images and/or x-rays of your hardware to Purisim’s examples, but no one can give you accurate advice without knowing your threat model - this means what level of baddies you think you are up against… just a dodgy E-bay seller, or Jason Bourne :smile:

I believe the concern rather lies with the antenna connectors.


What are the delivery times for the modem? Are they similar to their phones?

Fairly rapid, according to @odh :


I’m still wondering when 5G becomes mandatory. Due to the compartmented “user maintainable” nature of L5 parts, would a new modem upgrade it fix in the future?

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Off topic for this topic. Perhaps read and follow up if necessary here: Will there be 5G modems available for Librem 5?

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Just ordered the phone from an international seller. Modem and a screen protector coming separately. Purism says to care for user freedom and ownership but buying parts for the phone seem pretty limited in comparison to products like the fairphone. I’d like at least a display. This is a phone. It is only inevitable for me to drop the phone so glass of screen to break or LCD to bleed.

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Hopefully it is shipped by air and not through the Port of Los Angeles!