Byzantium, Amber, or PURE OS?

In my quest to force-feed the L5, I intend to install Pure on a laptop and test the ability the Ltop to see the L5 via the Hoyki hub. But yet another delay. When searching for PURE OS I was accosted by that says “Download PureOS” but, that is not a link, but there are other links to other OS’s(?) like Byzantium, Amber, and KDE Plasma (what ever).

Is there a link somewhere to get PureOS? There ought be law!

Download button not work here?

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Byzantium and Amber denote versions of PureOS (and its repository of software); Byzantium is “new and improved” over Amber, so that’s the one you want.

KDE Plasma is a desktop environment, like GNOME. You can think of a desktop environment as a sort of overlay, or filter, that arranges and presents the software to you in differing graphical ways. (That’s a massive simplification, of course.) Behavior is usually different, also, among desktop environments.

The default PureOS uses GNOME.

By the way, after you install a GNU/Linux distribution, you can add multiple desktop environments to the same basic OS install, and then log into any of them at will, still retaining the same underlying programs and your saved data. (In case you want to try out different ones.)


Yes. But upon arriving at the site, it says Download PureOS, then Byzantium below. I didn’t know what a Byzantium was - thought it was another OS. @Amarok to the rescue clued me in, and made a good post to be useful to others one day.

Ahh I see! :slight_smile:

That probably isn’t what you want to do.

Before doing this you should clarify whether the laptop has a USB-C port and, if so, what the capabilities of the USB-C port on the laptop are e.g. can the port do Power Delivery (PD)? can the port do video out?

However you could sanity check the basic functionality of the hub by connecting the hub to a laptop and then connecting {mouse, keyboard, ethernet, SD card} to the hub. (In other words, you can’t check the advanced functionality relating to power and relating to video unless the port on the laptop is capable of that.)

The Ltops are a few years old so none have a C port, just A. But you’re right, it isn’t what I want to do - I don’t know what else to do to make certain it’s not the L5. Doesn’t matter now anyway. Warranty is up.

Here is what I did find:
(U-B is USB-B)

  1. Plugging the phone in to the U-A on Hub does nothing. But, using a adapter (U-A to U-C) the device will charge.

  2. Plugging Hub into AC supply, and Keyboard/Mouse WiFi combo does nothing.

  3. Plugging cabled keyboard/mouse in to Hub, does nothing.

Plugging BlueTooth (BT) keyboard with dongle into a U-A I can type using keyboard and see it on device. so that works. Only the BT keyboard is seen by L5 - so far.
I remembered that Amazon is sending me another Hub. I just checked and it should arrive March 31.