Byzantium featured features by Purism?

I have the latest update installed, which is byzantium. I saw Purism latest video but can’t see the features that were featured in the video, like

  1. the purple keyboard

  2. the wallpaper in homescreen ( I have one applied with gnome-tweaks but it replaces the pureOS default wallpaper that appears during launching an App only. The default background in homescreen is black).

  3. Focus bar in Megapixels.

  4. gtk.css file under .config/gtk 3.0

In Megapixels (the camera app) you get a slider control for one of the settings, for example the focus setting, by tapping on the setting on top (where it says Focus with a number underneath). Tap there, then the slider bar appears.

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I played a bit with this, but can’t get a sharp picture. It’s not so important for me, but a cam app with autofocus would be fine.

I believe 1 and 4 above may be fixed by following this post:, but I am not entirely sure. I don’t have gtk.css file under ~/.config/gtk-3.0, but guess you can create it and manage styling from there.

I might add to the list above, that I can’t find “High contrast” mode in settings. Seems to be available through this script though: but I haven’t tried it yet.

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Settings -> Accessibility -> High Contrast

in app gnome-tweaks, Extensions doesn’t exist on the phone plus I need an account on their repo and enter my user data in order to download david hammer’s content…I find it odd.

Thanks, didn’t think of looking there!