Cab I change memory to Librem 13 V3

Is it possible to change my 128GB to a bigger memory?
If so, what memory should I buy?

You are looking for storage options.

The L13 has two slots for storage:

  • one 2.5" SATA drive bay for drives up to 9.5mm thickness
  • one M.2 key M, 80mm length, SATA or NVME

Depending on your preference and what you have installed already you could also think about adding a second storage device instead of replacing the existing.

Depending on availability Purism usually ships Samsung EVO storage devices (or brands with similar specifications).

I hope this helps a bit.


Hi @nicole.faerber
thak you for your prompt reply. Are you working for purism?

i really do not know what my present installation is - other than I think it is one memory of 111 or 128 GB
And I’d be happy to order from purism another one - I like SSD if that’s possible.

Can you please advise what checks should i do and how to contact pursim about it?

sorry if i sound a little confused as I am actually…:wink: :blush:

Indeed, I am working for Purism, I am the CTO :slight_smile:

Perfectly OK concerning your questions.

To figure out what is installed you could try the lsscsi command, like this:

$ lsscsi 
[0:0:0:0]    disk    ATA      Samsung SSD 850  2B6Q  /dev/sda 
[2:0:0:0]    disk    ATA      Samsung SSD 850  1B6Q  /dev/sdb 

This is my setup with two SATA connected SSD drives, one in the M.2 slot and one in the 2.5" drive bay. If your output also returns a drive then we know it is SATA, at least. Figuring out if it is M.2 SATA or 2.5" is abit tricky and the easiest way that come to my mind right now would be to open the case and look. If it lists “NVME” then it sits in the M.2 slot and is NVME.

Concerning additional or replacement SSDs, we almost exclusively offer SSDs for the Librem laptops, except for special orders. Currently we do not (yet) list single parts in our shop but we can offer these. Please get in touch our support team through email: and they will gladly help you and create an order for you.


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great - i thought you felt like someone who has the air of authority and knowledge!!

OK I’ll carry on making the test and contacting the support at

Seeing that i have the attention of the Chief Techno Officer I would like to say few things.

  1. regarding the Librem laptop
  • i think you should consider a different keyboard - I don’t know why but I am making tons of typing mistakes with the HW keyboard.
  • It would be nice if the screen could do a little more backward reclining.
  • I also think you should make a PureOS version that is not as strict as the one you have at the moment. This is like Debian wh ohave finally understood that not everybody know how to install non-free drivers.
  • seems like it will make sense to provide a version that is more normal users who want to support the goo dcause but need still some of the non-free universe.
  1. regarding in general
    Few months ago - someone on twitter posted a pole canvassing people’s opinion on who are the upcoming and prominent people in the FOSS world.
    I did not reply because I don’t reply to such posts.

BUT!!! In my heart of heart I thought to myself its the people of purism!!

To my mind RMS is the father of FOSS.
I know not everyone likes him and that he can be a little eccentric but I think he is a real pioneer and a visioner.

I thought to my self - you guys in Purism are his real successors.
You guys are the brave and true!! and i salute you.
Even though i have very little money i save it up and bought librem 13 and librem 5
please carry on the good job you do!!