Cables for Nexdock360 don’t work

Hi, I was wondering why the cables that came with the Nexdock360 docking kit do not work when plugged into the Librem 5. The only cable that works is the charging cable that came with my Librem 5 phone. But it’s a little longer than I like. I can put up with this minor inconvenience, but I was just wondering about the difference in the cables.

The short and flat one (6 inches or so) works between my L5 and Nexdock 360 just fine for convergence mode, if that is what you mean.

USB-C cables, I’ve learned, all have little differences, despite the U meaning “universal”.

Yes, the short, flat one only works intermittently and blacks out about every two seconds. I was wondering if I need to change some setting on my phone somewhere. The cable that came with the phone has no problems at all.

One thing to remember about a USB-C cable is that it has 4 orientations. At minimum, I would verify that none of the 4 orientations works reliably.

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Sorry to hear about these troubles. It sounds like you might just have a faulty cable from a manufacturing defect that somehow passed QC. I’m curious if the cable would work with any other USB-C devices you may own but, regardless, I suggest you email for troubleshooting or replacement (which is up to them - I’m not support) because both items are Purism products and should be compatible.

Does swapping ends ever make a difference?

For a lot cables out there, sadly, yes.


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So 8 orientations then.

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I’m unsure whether you mean something different by that as compared with what I meant by 4 orientations. I think you do … in which case if it makes a difference (I don’t know whether it does), yes, that could make it even worse (and more time consuming).

I think that in order to answer your question (“does it make a difference?”) would require a detailed knowledge of the USB-C spec and then a detailed knowledge of what faulty implementations are out there. Beyond my pay grade.

If you don’t need the full functionality of USB-C, there’s a lot to be said for USB-A-to-USB-C since then the ends can’t be swapped and the USB-A end only has one orientation. So just two orientations (and they are at the USB-C end). Obviously this only applies to a USB-A peripheral and equally obviously this does not apply to the Nexdock (as per the OP), which requires full USB-C functionality.