Calls to land lines

Anyone else have issues calling land lines? I find with some of them I can ring the number, then it cuts off as soon as they “answer” (even if its a recording or IVR I think).

It used to work, then I moved provider to EE … unless it was due to a software update, can’t be sure.


That sounds like an issue with the provider to me.

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I spoke to EE and thry got me to test in an Android phone, It worked fine, so must be the Librem5 they said. They said their logs show the call connects, then neither end hangs up but the call ends with reason “ambiguous” or “unknown” or something like that.

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Hmm…are you in 4G VoLTE or no VoLTE? Almost seems like it’s not negotiating a compatible codec for the call setup.

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