Calls unable to register SIP channel over VPN

I do have a weird issue with Calls.
When I register a sip trunk over the local network, it works fine. If I try the same account over a wireguard connection it fails.
Here is the test setup:
Local network
Asterisk server
L5 (wifi)

The asterisk server also has a wireguard setup.
Wireguard network:
L5 has wg ip and allowed ips also
All works fine, network is reachable from both sides.

If I use as a server in Calls the registration works.
If I use as server in Calls it says account is offline.

If I use my laptop with linphone both ways it works (wg and local address)

What am I missing here?


I would report an issue here:

There is already one other issue with calls regarding VPN.

But it might be a different issue

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Just as a data point: i’m using calls fine with a wg tunnel to Can you report an issue as @joao.azevedo suggested and describe what “fails” means. It would be good to know if e.g. signalling works, also running calls with G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all might give some clues.

Depending on the failure mode you might be hitting

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