Camera app (Byzantium) / Landscape Orientation

@dcz, @dos
Turning the Librem 5 from portrait…

…to landscape orientation while in the camera app results in this:

Is this an issue that anyone’s working on right now?


Not that I’m aware of. The camera app’s codebase is a tech preview that isn’t really going to be developed further aside of maybe some small details - we’ll very likely switch to a different codebase once we deal with the underlying infrastructure.

However, I do want to work on a Wayland protocol and its implementation in phoc that would allow applications to tell the compositor whether they should be operated in portrait or landscape, at which point it could be easily added to the camera app without having to make it support landscape mode by itself.

Personally, I just keep autorotation disabled and rotate on demand. I have never liked automatic screen rotation on any device :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I remember you guys mentioned the different codebase; I’m looking forward to that. :+1:

If the new version retains the same look, I would recommend enlarging the landscape display area if possible. Currently the button/slider panel takes up a lot of real estate. Or maybe a button to switch the screen view only, while still holding the phone in portrait mode…?

Whether screen rotation is manual or automatic, users are going to need to make at least some photos in landscape mode, for instance, photos of actual landscapes. :slight_smile: (Even if many smartphone users seem to be inexplicably infatuated with portrait mode photos and videos of subjects that clearly require horizontal depiction…)


It sure won’t :smiley: The current app does not even follow GNOME HIG. Even upstream Megapixels has different UI now.

…which isn’t a problem when you simply don’t rotate the screen at all :slight_smile:

What do you mean?

I think he means just turn the phone and take the picture. You can rotate the photo later.

I see…but it would be difficult to line up the shot in that case.


Ah, now I get it. Just keep auto-rotate off, but turn the screen for landscape shots. It didn’t even occur to me before, and it works just fine.


Out of curiosity, how did you interpret what I’d said?

I thought you meant use it as depicted in my OP landscape screenshot, then deal with the photo afterward. Now I realize you also meant turn off auto-rotate first.

Ahhh, I’d forgotten about auto-rotate. Thank heavens for the demo pic, you and I could’ve gone around in some crazy circles.

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Upstream Megapixels has had support for auto-rotate for a while.

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