Camera App Status on Librem 5

I was super excited to see the cameras capturing good-looking images of cats (and such) a few weeks ago. That was a big step toward a working camera app on the Librem 5, but I haven’t seen anything since then.

Any news on the status of a working camera app for the Librem 5? What are the most promising options and next roadblocks?


I’m pretty sure the latest is whatever is in this issue, which should be updated any time there’s progress:

It sounds like there’s still an issue of the brightest white being scaled to grey.


The nearest roadblock seems that all apps use the newer “media device” interface, while we have implemented only the “legacy” one on the kernel side. So we’re working on that right now.

If someone implemented something using the legacy interface, it would mostly work though.

EDIT: this is where the progress is tracked roughly


Thanks! Many applause to you all for your amazing work!