Camera app to detect hidden cams - How? For L5?

This caught my interest:

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of info on this. Culturally I’m aware that this is a problem in South-Korea at least, but could also be something that will become more problematic in the west.

The tech probably is a combination of wifi-signal detector an IR-led light (for night/low-light) detection. Could similar be made for L5 (or any platform) or is does it need a special HW?

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If the RF that it is detecting is only WiFi then I suspect the Librem 5’s WiFi module should be capable of becoming promiscuous, as it were.

There is plenty of RF that is not WiFi however e.g. Bluetooth, cellular, ISM, LoRa, …

I think there is no general IR transmitter or receiver as such in the Librem 5 (which is a pity because it could be cool to be able to use the Librem 5 as a remote control) although I think the proximity sensor is an IR transmitter / receiver of sorts. Maybe you could get an IR transmitter / receiver USB dongle. :wink:

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How about the camera sensor - can those see IR?

If it would look even wifi, that would cover most network remote cameras.

My TV remote transmitting in a darkened room, holding down the “on” button.
The red light, which is constant, is visible to the naked eye. The blinking pink light is not.

My Roku remote doesn’t show anything.
But then, its housing doesn’t appear to have any little red window or visible bulb for transmitting.


Good question. Some cameras can. Some can’t (some have an IR filter).

You would need to test it with the Librem 5.

… still waiting to get one…