Camera as "Webcam"

Hi !

After more than three years, I am more and more convinced of the development of the Librem 5. The initial status was somehow sobering, but the things that don’t work have become fewer and the platform can be used almost continuously in real use - good work !

However, there is one function that I missed a lot, especially on vacation. I could not use the camera to scan QR codes and the camera could not be used as a webcam in my Signal App or in Firefox.

Please make it possible to make the front and back camera visible and usable as “normal” webcamera in the system/applications. Above all, not scanning QR codes almost drove me crazy, because QR codes were used everywhere on vacation.

I hope you bring the function/api out because it is already another important platform function.

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Scanning QR codes has been working for a long time. You do this in the regular camera app. Just point the camera to the QR code and tap the blue rectangle to open a link or copy the information in text.

Camera as webcam is in the works, and will be working as libcamera matures


I would be very happy if the development would become more active again at this point.

It will reactive developments of libcamera in gnu-pureos-crimson because it needed newer Mesa for.

This my first comment after the shutdown-forum

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I hope that there will be another step forward.

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