Can anybody with a Librem 13v2 test this driver?

I don’t have my own Librem just yet, but I was wondering whether this thee-finger-drag library will work on the Librem13v2:

I asked the author of the lib about it here and he said it “may work” with the ELAN touchpad on the newer v2.

So I was wondering if anyone with a Librem 13v2 can test that driver for me? I’m curious about
A) whether it works at all
B) how good it works?

If you have experience with any apple laptops/macbooks; is it comparable at all? Any information is welcome!

Just as an update; the original author tested it on an EEE PC 1005HA, which has an ElanTech touchpad. He concludes that:

it seems to me the synaptics X driver is compatible with various models of touchpads … not limited to Synaptics touchpads.

If anybody can test this on the Librem 13v2, that is still very welcome!

I’ve just installed the synaptics driver on my Librem 13 v2 (using the xorg-driver-synaptics virtual package) and so far it actually works much better than the one shipped with PureOS. The acceleration is much better/more precise, and tap-to-click seems more reliable.