Can anyone suggest how to get gsconnect/ gnome-extensions installed?

I’m just trying to import some really basic info to get up and running with my new phone - I would have thought gsconnect would be installed by default as a really basic first for a phone - but, my head is just getting really bruised banging against so many brick walls that I’m in a spin trying to count them all…

Does anyone have any pointers to, first: gsconnect; second: gnome-extensions ?

GNOME extensions don’t work as phosh differs from GNOME quite “heavily”.

You can use Valent ( for KDE connect features. It has alpha status right now but works for me and is from the same creator as GSconnect!

That’s very interesting - I noticed Andy Holmes had put GSConnect into ‘community’ support - I wonder if that’s because he’s putting his time into Valent; so, what’s the difference between GSConnect and Valent?

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Any issues with the install ending:

Warning: Not exporting file ca.andyholmes.Valent.appdata.xml of unsupported type.
Installation complete.


I think the difference is that Valent is DE-independent. It should work on all linux machines, wether they are running GNOME, KDE, Phosh, … Maybe he switched to a linux phone personally, I don’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you compile from source or used the nightly Flatpak? Does it work nevertheless? If not, you can maybe file an issue in the Github repo.


1/ Flatpak (I want it working for other things)
2/ Not sure yet… Will report back when I’ve had a chance to wrangle a few things

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Thanks @epinez soooo much!
Does it work nevertheless - yes’ish - it looks like it works very very very well - very polished and slick, but it is in alpha and so I’m not surprised to discover that there’s a few things that look like they work but nevertheless on further investigation appear to be lacking some development - but, it is alpha and does a lot as it is. Thx