Can i buy my own hard drive?


I want a purism but its rather expensive for me. Does the hard disc that is shipped with the laptop support any special features or can i just buy my own to save money? Would there be consequeces?

Same would also interrest me about the RAM

You can order a Librem without any hard drive. Any standard hard drive (see store for specs) should work, the problems you would encounter are of technical nature: for example, we already had requests from our customer to provide them with screws or cases/frames for disks. We do not provide (for now) such things, if you want to install a disk yourself, than you should: 1) know how to do it, 2) know where to find additional things needed for this (screwdrivers, screws, etc) and 3) if you damage something during the process don’t come to us asking for a refund.

Same goes to RAM, except that you cannot order without RAM (but you can order with a minimum RAM). Just make sure you buy RAM compatible with the RAM already in Librem.

Well i can always fix that with duct tape. Thanks a lot!

Hi BadPractice,

Unless you want to assume your nickname, duct tape is not advised for heat dissipation.