Can i expect to install pureos on mainstream or

certain category smartphones - in the near future ?

Will you be offering Librem 5 for sale on the market beyond this crowd funding ?

Short answer: no, mainstream category smartphones all require proprietary/non-free firwmare/drivers.

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@mladen, I hope you weren’t answering no to that . . .

Given that they still sell their laptops despite no longer running the crowd funding campaign for them, I think it’s pretty reasonable to assume they will continue to sell the Librem 5 (and future revisions, much like they have continued to revise their laptops) beyond the campaign.

It seems to me that the campaign is funding the initial venture into a permanent product

The title of the thread and the actual post are two different questions, very confusing. @mladen is right, I don’t expect any “mainstream” manufacturer to allow you to switch to any OS other than their intended one, the want to move away from current offerings is Purism’s reason to be.

I am however very confident that the Librem 5 will be available for purchase to people that aren’t backers as soon as the crowdfunded ones are shipped.