Can I have the CAD/Design files for the back of the Librem 5?

I would like to 3d print a back plate for the librem 5. Would I be able to have the CAD/design files for this? I can’t find them online.

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There is a repository of 3D models of parts of the phone here:

I’m not sure it has what you want, but it’s at least worth checking. I don’t have OpenSCAD installed anywhere or I would actually open the files to check.

So I installed OpenSCAD and checked out the files. I think they may not be detailed enough for what you probably want. For example, I don’t think the cover (I think that is what the repository calls the back plate) model includes the clip holds. But still, check them out and see.

Those files are too general for useful parts and are not updated to Evergreen. Many important details missing, like the back cover clips FJ mentioned.

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I found some other people in the past asking for them and not reciveing them. It seems weird to me that a company like Purism that is so heavy into supporting opensource would not opensource their back covers or other parts of the phone.

I only want a new back cover because the provided one is so bad. Rest of the phone is really nice, hardware wise, but that back plate is a pain in my ass.

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Maybe try asking via

And if you got them and the permission to share them here, you could do that, too. :slight_smile: