Can I order a Librem 13 without a Mic or a Webcam?

Everything else is exactly what I want in a laptop.It’s got a decent processor,recent TPM chips,compatible with Qubes. I just want the Mic and the Camera gone completely.I have no use for them as I have another gaming laptop with a mic and webcam I use for it.Is there at least a way to remove them myself manually?I don’t even care for the manual on/of switch to be on the case that we normally get with it.I just don’t want them installed at all.

I am afraid this is not possible. In the L13 the mic and camera are included on the upper edge of the display lid. Removing them would require to remove the cover frame of the LCD which is, I’m afraid, non-removable, it is glued to the LCD bezel. If you want to be sure these are non operational you can easily cut the wires though.



@limpylegs - hey if you’re that paranoid use a regular desktop built from parts and assemble yourself. these days you can find mitx motherboards with super tiny apu fans that can fit in very tiny cases. you can even have yours as thin as 40 mm. the APUs from AMD are a great choice for such small form factors.
i just recently put one together for my neighbour . am4 + amd athlon 220ge. they barely draw 25 w from the wall with a sata 3 ssd.
my guess is that if you can spare the mic and the cam you are not so interested in a laptop (they all have at least one)