Can I still get replacement parts for Librem 15v4?

The daughterboard sound card cable broke and when I asked a couple of years ago no parts were available. I doubt I can resell mine without the possibility of repair, or at least I don’t want to resell it without that possibility. I’m certainly willing to buy a whole new daughter board. It’s a shame I never got much use from it.

You should ask Purism: How to properly send emails to Purism.

Except I already had a couple of years ago and they couldn’t help me. There was a little mix up on what email to reach me at as well. I’m not sure why you expect me to directly ask help from people who couldn’t help me before. That’s a little like banging my head against a brick wall.

Depends on why they couldn’t help you. A lot can change in 2 years.

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It probably is best to tick that box off first even though I have my doubts that anything is easier to obtain today than it was two years ago, especially for a model that is now obsolete - but let’s suppose the answer from Purism is still “no” - what exactly is the question to the community?

Anyone with a dead Librem 15 want to sell it for parts?

Anyone with an old, working Librem 15 want to sell it second-hand?

Anyone recognise from the included photo what kind of cable this is and suggest where it can be bought?

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