Can I still order a Librem 5?

Hi guys,

I definitely want to buy a Librem 5 phone however I won’t have 600 bucks to spare until around August. Will I still be on time to buy one or two?



I certainly hope so (I’m still getting the funds together myself). As far as I can see, they haven’t announced any sort of cut off date. But the good news is that I would imagine they want to keep making these, given they raised 167% (and counting) of their goal.

Hm… seems to be a recurring topcic… Deadline for Librem5 pre-orders? :wink:

As can be seen here (3500 phones ordered, almost $2.5 million raised) it would be rather stupid to close pre-orders any time soon. June crossed the +4% mark, and I think July and August will be the same, after they send news out that the dev boards have been shipped. It’s in the companies best interest to have as many pre-orders as possible.

I would expect that you can at least pre-order until end of September, but possibly you can even order (not pre-order) in December, as they likely will order some for stock.
Still, I’d order as soon as possible, as this helps the company the most. Also, it’s not unlikely that the price will go up, as a marketing move: “Order until Sep 30 for $599, or after that for $699”.
Long term, the price will hopefully go down, but I don’t expect that in the next 12+ months.

I do not think the price will come down. I think it will always rise. Think about it above. True that hardware ages but, you know, linux has very long times to be unusable :wink: and a phone with linux will always be a unique piece. :slight_smile:

Luckily right now you can still do a pre-order.

Librem 5 Pre-order

Funding Goal: $ 1,500,000
Funds Raised: $ 2,764,789.10
Raised Percent: 184.32%
768 backers-Support us! $20
486 backers-Support us! $100
3760 backers Librem5+phone charger (free worldwide shipping) $599
30 backers Librem5+24" Monitor+Keyb+Mouse $1399
37 backers Librem5+30" Monitor+Keyb+Mouse $1699
2 backers 10Librem5+1yr support+3yr warranty $9999
6 backers 10Librem5+1yr sup+3yr Warrant+10(24" mon+keyb+mice) $17999
8 backers 10Librem5+1yr sup+3yr warran+10(30" mon+key+mice) $19999


I am also thinking to order it but what stops me is my doubt re hardware/software ratio. In Librem laptop there are a few problems, which are not reported on the website (poor wifi signal, battery life is not great, etc). Effectively, for a pretty big price we are beta testers.

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Yes it’s a bit of a leap of faith. I backed it because I think it is an important project that was worth taking a risk on. If I just wanted the phone, or if I couldn’t afford to lose $599 if it all went wrong, then I probably would have held off until I knew it was going to be a good deal. Your stance may differ.


I see it as an investment in an idea that I whole heartedly believes in this. This needs to happen. Even if the first few iterations dont turn out “the best”. I’m not investing in the best possible smart phone. I’m investing in a future that I believe can happen and should happen. I can easily give up my “chains”. Sure the convenience and ease of use and all may change. But I’m more interested in freedom than convenient chains.


I really, really hope they continue taking preorders. I’m super excited to pitch in to this project, and really want to preorder the monitor bundle, but I’m still at least a couple months out from being able to afford it.

Thats admirable, but if you’re that tight on bugdet, I think it’s perfectly fine to go with the more affordable option. (You could probably upgrade it later by mail)

It’s unlikely that the campaign-preordering runs longer than december, as they’ll have to place the production order soon. It has also been suggested that prices might go up a little at some point. It also remains to be seen if monitor bundles make it into the regular shop.

Last but not least, there’s a slight chance you’ll have to pay import taxes: