3500 phones ordered, almost $2.5 million raised


3501 single phones as of this writing, to be precise, including the bundled ones.
~ 320 development boards have been ordered.

While in January the funding grew about 3% points, it dropped to ~ 1.5% in February and March, resulting from a lack of interesting news, I suppose. Then it gained some momentum in April ~(2.3%), May (~3.4%) and will likely grow more than 4% in June.

This rise definitely was caused by new announcements, especially about the dev boards and (somewhat) finalized specs.
But also, it seems like somebody realized summer is approaching and ordered like 300 shirts… :wink:

Not only are (growing) numbers fun, they also should create some confidence:

  • Even though the original campaign ended about half a million above the goal, some questioned whether Purism could really make it. By now, another half million dollars are there to prevent the lights will go out.
  • Also, instead of the minimum quantity of ~ 750…2500 devices Purism implicitly committed to have produced (funding goal divided by device options), now it will be at the very least 3500. Likely ~4000 if the current trend continues.

Assuming they’ll put some on stock, they will likely order 5000…10000 devices, which is probably significantly more cost effective than ordering just 2500.
So, things look pretty good, I think :sunglasses:

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@Caliga I needed those shirts to escape from my jail cell atop a high tower, no sheets were available on hand :smiling_imp:


Great stats, thanks @Caliga!

Out of curiosity, did you make a web scraper, or did you manually poll all those metrics by hand?
I actually considered writing a scraper myself, but ended up not doing it mostly out of laziness :slight_smile:


See? :grinning:
I was interested enough to put the numbers in a LibreOffice sheet, but didn’t even automate the fetching… Which is so simple I guess I really should have done it… And possibly, postprocessing would just be a grep with some pipes behind it. Hm… maybe I’ll reconsider :wink:

Btw, I didn’t even poll regularly, as you can tell from the not so sudden spike of @0591ryan’s shirt order. :wink: I think that was in one or two days. But usually I take several samples per month.


Achievement unlocked: crossed 2.5 million line (166.66%).
I think the guy who ordered phone #3307 deserves a free shirt :wink:
(3530 phones including those bundles)


wake me up when september ends …


@Caliga If you wanted to fill in some gaps in your data, archive.org has been capturing the funding page!


Not quite there yet. You may hit snooze now.

@patch: good to know :slight_smile:

Stats update:
3801 phones ordered (including bundles), more than $2.65 million raised

new phone orders, raised percent: (rough)
May: +78 phones (+3,4%)
June: +90 phones (+4.1%)
July: +105 phones (+4,3%)
August: +130 phones (+4,9%)

loving that trend :slight_smile:


I’m so excited to finally be able to claim one of the September spots as my own! Took me a while to get the funds but I did!


I’m one of the 2 from September 4th :smiley: