Can I try out PureOS

Hi, I’m completely new to the forum, apologies if I repeat questions previously asked, happy to be pointed to appropriate threads. I’m thinking of buying a Librem, but I’d like to try out PureOS first to see if I can manage (I’ve used Ubuntu before, but I’m no techie). I could potentially install it with a partition (Window 7 laptop) or on an old laptop (Window XP, which I could overwrite). I’d like to see if I can manage with libre office, including things like Mendeley for citations. Also if I can manage netflix, steam and skype on PureOS.

Any advice welcome, thanks. :sunglasses:

Download, “burn” the ISO to USB drive, boot from it. You don’t have to install. You can, though. Note that PureOS does not include any proprietary drivers/firmware, therefore it is possible that some components of your computer might not work (like 3D graphic acceleration, bluetooth, wifi card).

We don’t include non-free software in PureOS, but if you can install it from third party sources, if you want and know how. We don’t provide support for this.

Thanks, I’ll give that a go and see how I get on.

If you write formal papers/publications, as I am guessing based on the second half of the quoted phrase, may I suggest starting to get a taste for TeX/LaTeX also? Installing LyX is a good intro.

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I’m afraid I’ve fallen at the first hurdle. I’ve downloaded pureos to a USB. Now I don’t know how to boot from it. The computer thinks it’s an image.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve used LaTeX in the past, and may well do so again. But I work with colleagues and I have to use Word too. I find Menedeley much better than things like EndNote, and it’s free.

Instructions here: The usb drive must be bootable.

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