Can I update coreboot from a (Debian) (Docker) container?

I have a Librem Mini. Now I use Fedora (CoreOS, so not even packages can be installed in a simple way) on it, so I want to find another way of running the CoreBoot utility for updating and finally enabling automatic boot.

When I run the script on my system (and I layered dmidecode for that) it just creates an empty file check_dependencies.txt in the current directory. (Edit: could report that issue now)

Now, I wonder, as it says it specifically requires Debian/PureOs systems, can I maybe run it in a Docker/podman container using a Debian image or so? What do I need to mount/expose then?

Ending up making an USB drive with PureOS and running the commands from that live system/installer disk.

That seem to have worked.
Anyway, an easier solution for the next time would be great…

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I would consider that to be the right solution. That’s what you should have - for this task and for other similar tasks.

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