Can I use the terminal to set screen size

#1. Can I use the terminal to set screen size to 175% & how do I do that?

#2. Can I use the terminal to Fix the Start up problem? I heard that it is fixable but don’t know how. Help?

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You can use the command embedded in this script: Tutorial: Create Shortcuts to Scale Display Up/Down

What is “the Start up problem?”


Create a file /etc/phosh/phoc.ini and insert:

scale = 1.75

Now screen size is always set to 175% when you restart your phone. Just be careful not to type nonsense in this file, otherwise you may have to fix it via jumpdrive.


L5 usa doesn’t start up first time, sometimes have to hold button down more than 10 seconds and then press again to get green light.

carlos said the fix is not in main yet but can be entered manually?
where is it available and can I enter in terminal or?

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To ping Carlos here so you can ask him directly, just mention him so: @carlosgonz


Sounds more like your device does not shut down correctly. That happens from time to time on my non USA device too, when W-Lan etc gets into a bad state. You either can wait until it reboots automatically (waiting 5-10min) or as you said, holding down button long enough (7 seconds if I’m not wrong), which is like cutting power on desktop. Sadly I also have no solution and never heard about any (which does not mean they do not exist).


Hi :wave:
The fix already merged into Byzantium tree so i guess will available for this week via apt update/upgrade.


THANK YOU for this information!!
Do you know how it is labled in the update?
Or is there a way to check if I might have just got it?

Appreciate the help on this one!



The Tag still not created, however Martin Kepplinger is on testing now. Tag will like this: linux-librem5 (6.X.Xpureos1) byzantium; urgency=medium.

Stay Purism!

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thanks very much for info!