Can not find pureboot firmare for Librem13 v3

I have a Librem Laptop 13 v3 with Pureboot and Qubes OS.
Since I had some hardware instability I decided to update the Pureboot .rom using the guide in the first part of this video
But I can not find any rom for Librem Laptop 13 v3 in the repository

Is there any way to find out the correct version I can safely flash?

Probably - you don’t want to brick your laptop.

Looks like the folder containing the releases is simply missing. As mentioned, contact Purism support.

As instructed by I’ve flashed the [librem_13v2] .rom using the flash option from the boot menu on my Librem Laptop 13 v3.
But somehow I managed to corrupt my QubesOS partition - so always backup your VMs before attempting.
After reinstalling QubesOS everything seems to be working fine…for now.