Can only boot into recovery shell

I used the Librem coreboot Utility/Update Script the other night and have been unable to boot Pure OS since. I keep getting an error that the GPG keyring is empty, so I generate them with the Librem Key, but am greeted with:

_mount: mounting /dev/sda on /boot failed: invalid argument _
!!! Unable to mount /boot
!!! Starting recovery shell

I have also tried to Ignore error and continue to default boot menu. But that also takes me to the recovery shell.

I have the latest Pure OS image on USB, but unable to boot to that too.

Can anyone help? I have not emailed support yet. Thank you in advance.

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you likely need to set the paths for /boot and for your USB drive under the advanced config setting, then save then to the running firmware.

Right now, the best place for support with PureBoot is the community/Heads Matrix chat room:!