Can Pure OS on the Librem 5 be booted from the SD card?

Can the Librem 5 boot the OS image off of the SD card? I don’t have an L5 to test unfortunately, so I must ask. Nevertheless, I know that the i.mx8 board can boot off of the SD, so can the Librem 5?

The comparison of Linux phones links to that.

@amosbatto this should probably be added to the FAQ.


I think there’s some cool things that can be done with the L5 if it could do that…

An interesting question,
I don’t really understand how the boot process works on these phones. Do they use grub at all? Could you do something like put your /boot (or /boot/efi or whatever is done on arm systems) partition on the internal storage and the rest on the sd card?

Mostly trying to guage how easy this would be to setup.

edit: I tried looking up u-boot and just got a bunch of results for u-boat :frowning:

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