Can someone *confirm* the inner diameter of DC-in plug for Librem 13 v1?

My Librem 13 v1 came with an Asian Power Devices model DA-40A19 power adapter. This model is not mentioned anywhere on the website of Asian Power Devices. The DC-side specs seem to be:

19 V and 2.1 A (yielding just about 40 W);
outer diameter 5.5 mm with negative polarity;
inner diameter ??? mm with positive polarity.

I failed to get my calipers into position in either the plug or the socket to accurately measure the inner diameter. Searching for DA-40A19 on the web reveals sellers claiming compatibility for power supplies with inner diameters ranging from 1.7 mm to 3 mm.

Can someone from Purism please definitively confirm the inner diameter?

Shane Walts wrote on 2018-06-20 that “the current adapter we sell” is the “ADP-65JH HBAN”.

The data sheet for this adapter can be found at:

There is however no trace of this datasheet at, despite that site being mentioned on every page of the above PDF file.

The datasheet states that this power adapter has a plug/tip with inner diameter 2.5 mm.

This doesn’t answer the question completely because it is still possible that the socket on the Librem has an inner diameter of 2.1 mm.


By the way, it would be a big additional bonus if someone from Purism could definitively confirm the maximum/minimum safe/useful voltage/current/power (V, A, & W).

The Librem 13 v1 came with a power adapter that outputs 2.1 A (approximately 40 W) and the power adapter Purism is selling for it outputs 3.42 A (approximately 65 W), so we know this range is considered safe by Purism. But is a 90 W output safe?

Although right now i can’t provide correct info, i’d guess it’ll be 2.1 or 2.5 as it’s the standard sizes for dc-plugs. Another 2.5-plug fits in, but i can’t really say wether both plugs have exactly the same size. Might be the librem’s a wee bit thinner, but i can be wrong.

I’d suggest to directly contact Mladen (Purism Member to be found here in the forum) about the topic and later on share your information here.

Bought a car charger with different plugs. The bigger of the two fits and works fine so i’d say, we’re talking about a 5.5 / 2.5 dc-plug.

5.5/2.5 is the correct plug for all Librem laptops v1-v4