Can someone *confirm* the inner diameter of DC-in plug for Librem 14?

my terminology: the “plug” is the part of the power adapter that connects to the “receptacle” on the librem 14. the plug has an outer and inner contact, as does the receptacle.

for the librem 14, the plug’s outer contact “ring” is electrically negative and the plug’s inner contact “socket” is electrically positive.

the power adapter my librem 14 came with has a plug with a 4.00 mm outer contact ring (measured with my calipers).

i have not been able to get my calipers into the librem 14’s receptacle to measure the inner contact “pin” of the receptacle, nor have i been able to measure the inner contact socket of the power adapter’s plug.

can someone from purism please definitively confirm the size of the inner contact socket of the librem 14’s power adapter’s plug?

alternatively, can someone who has disassembled these parts confirm this size?

alternatively #2, can some confirm the size of the inner contact pin of the librem 14’s receptacle?

by the way, my librem 14 came with an FSP model FSP065-RBBN3 power adapter, but this is not helpful to know because this power adapter is supplied with a number of plug sizes.

thanks for any help you can provide!

long live libre software and libre hardware!

This post should help:

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i think my question was also answered by me discovering that it seems to be the case that all 4.00 mm outer diameter plugs in use are 1.7 mm inner diameter. that is different from 5.5 mm outer diameter plugs which have a variety of inner diameters in use.

i have now ordered some adapters so i can use my old librem 13 power supplies with my librem 14.