Can someone *confirm* the specification of the battery/batteries for Librem 13 v1?

What is the specification of the battery/batteries for the Librem 13 v1?

Mladen Pejaković supplied some answers.

How many batteries are inside the case?

Apparently just one?

Is there a standard part number?

Mladen wrote: “TU131-TS63-74”.

It is unclear whether this is a part number of some particular original manufacturer that is reused by other manufacturers.

Is there a manufacturer/supplier and part number?

Still waiting for information on original/recommended manufacturer/supplier.

What are the usable/recommended minimum/maximum limits on its dimensions/shape?

Apparently all the manufacturers/cloners copy the shape/dimensions/connectors/controls of the original TU131-TS63-74 ur-battery, which was in some Dell (XPS13 8808?) or Asus (UX32K?) or Haswell laptop. Some sellers claim the TU131-TS63-74 can be used in place of a TU131.

What kind(s) of electric connector or connectors must it have?

What control/monitoring interface(s) must it support and what standards are followed for this?

What kind(s) of mounting holes/brackets/etc must it have and where must they be?

What are the maximum/minimum required/safe/useful voltage/current/power (V, A, & W)?

The standard voltage is 7.4V. Still waiting for all other information.

Can someone from Purism please definitively confirm any of the details needed for ordering a replacement battery/batteries?


The information from Mladen in full is:

Battery specs for Librem 15:
Rating:                                 11.1V 4400mAh 48.84Wh
Product ID:                             U753-TS44-111
Storage Temperature:    0-60°C
Storage Humidity:               45-80%

For Librem 13:
Rating:                                 7.4V 6080mAh 45Wh
Product ID:                             TU131-TS63-74
Storage Temperature:    0-60°C
Storage Humidity:               45-80%


I am also very interested to know the characteristics of the battery (but also other parts) in order to be able to repair my librem. This in order to keep our beautiful tool in time and limit our carbon footprint and limit programmed obsolescence.

Yours truly