Can someone please confirm the AC adapter specs for Librem 13?

Hi all,

This will sound dumb, but if someone could please post the specs for their Librem 13 AC adapter, I’d appreciate it. I recently lost mine, and I think I found it again - but I don’t really remember what it looked like nor do I want to fry my laptop! :wink: The power supply I found has the following output specs:

  • 19V
  • 3.42A
  • Plug is tip-positive
  • Made by Delta Electronics, Inc.

If someone could confirm this is correct I would really appreciate it. The plug fits but I don’t want to fry my laptop! :wink:

Thanks in advance!

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Delta Electronics ADP-65JH BB → 19V, 3.42A (barrel plug, outer ø 5mm, inner ø 2.5mm)

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Thanks! I matched the model number with mine. Tip is positive, sleeve negative (for future post readers).

and standard 5.5mm/2.5mm 65W adapter should work fine (19.2V / 3.41A).

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