Can’t install PureOS on my laptop for some reason

The current operating system of my laptop is Ubuntu, and I was unable to install PureOS on my device for some reason. Is there a solution to that problem?

Hello and welcome to the forums! In order to get help with the install more information is needed. Where in the installation process are you having an issue? Are there any errors that are reported?

Also, one usual thing to look at is if Secure Boot is enabled in your BIOS settings. That will need to be switched to ‘disable’ in order to successfully boot into the OS after installing.

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I was using Etcher throughout the process. After I restart my laptop, I don’t see any options that would allow me to install PureOS.

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So you make a bootable USB with Etcher, restart, enter the boot menu and PureOS does not show as an option?

Yes, you summed it all up.