Can the Librem 15 v3 output video to USB-C and HDMI at the same time?

This is a pre-purchase question. Can the Librem v3 output video to external monitors over the USB-C and HDMI port at the same time? I’m wondering if the computer can drive three displays (built-in and two external).


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I think that does not work “by default”. Maybe the better question would be “Can I attach multiple monitors to the same HDMI port” to which the general answer is “yes” (google “multiple monitors hdmi”), but I don’t know for the Librem.

Thank you! I know that one can drive two monitors with Dell laptops using it’s HDMI port and the ‘DisplayPort’ (as well as use the built-in panel) - I don’t want to buy a Dell however. I believe that if you use two monitors from the same HDMI source you have to use the same resolution, orientation, etc.